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Faith Theological Seminary and Christian College’s programs have been developed in order to provide both training within the boundaries of religious vocations, local church ministry and to increase the options available to each prospective student.

The majors offered focus on four specific disciplines: theology, ministry, Christian education and counseling. There is also a provision for those individuals interested in chaplaincy level education with the opportunity to obtain the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree. There is also a list of electives that are being added to provide additional exposure to marketplace ministry, biblical worldview, helps ministry, technology support and personal spiritual growth.

The undergraduate program options do not include counseling degrees, but offer the other majors at the diploma and advanced diploma level as well as associate and bachelor degrees in theology, ministry and Christian education. All of the majors mentioned are available on advanced levels of academic achievement with graduate and postgraduate programs.

Additional information can be obtained upon request through the main campus office.