From the inception of the vision for Faith Theological Seminary and Christian College, our President, Dr. George W. Walters, Jr., believedphoto3.jpg that the institution has a four-fold purpose by providing the following:

  1. A basic foundation for beginning Christians in the Word of God to gain confidence in their relationship with the Lord.
  2. Training for service in the local church (whether for staff member or volunteer) as well as advanced training for older Christians to be able to provide support to the work of the ministry.
  3. A program to prepare people for ministry as they sense Gods call on their life.
  4. Advanced study for the seasoned minister and the development of academic credentials for a life of ministry experience.

The educational training is focused on preparing and equipping the individual for religious vocations within the context of the local church, ministry opportunities outside of the church, and/or para-church organizations.

Faith Theological Seminary and Christian College developed in 1984 with Faith Outreach Center Assistant Pastor, Ed Kuhn, as the Institute of Ministry with its first graduation in 1985. Four individuals of that first class of thirteen still serve full-time on the mission field outside of the United States. By 1987, the Institute became Faith Outreach Christian College as administration and students desired more advanced educational opportunities receiving its authorization status to grant degrees by the Florida State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities (SBICU) in 1988. Continuing with Dr. Ed Kuhn’s administration and the overall leadership of the President of the institution, Dr. George W. Walters, Jr., Faith Outreach Christian College became Faith Theological Seminary and Christian College in 1990.

Only two times since the institution began has the administration’s leadership changed. In 1992, Dr. Kuhn left to further pursue Gods call on his life in another state. Dr. Douglas Wingate moved into the position of administrator and expanded the reach of Faith Theological Seminary and Christian College with additional academic programs and extension campuses around the country. In 1995, Dr. Wingate also left to pursue Gods call on his life. Dr. George Siemer accepted the position of dean and administrator continuing under the leadership of Dr. Walters.

The college and seminary has focused its programs in theology, ministry, Christian education and counseling maintaining its relationship with the SBICU, now known as the Florida Commission for Independent Education (CIE). With this relationship, the institution has developed independent accreditation and recognition that now is accepted worldwide. The overall influence of our alumni has touched nearly every continent and is reaching many cultures by obeying the Lords Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) to go into all the world.

We do not see education as an end, but a means to an end. That end being obedience to the call of God to influence the culture, society and the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.